Blended learning AHT program

Lakeland's blended learning AHT program is almost identical to what you'd experience if you came to our Vermilion campus.
All the admission requirements and tuition fees are the same. Like the face-to-face program, you'll finish with a 6 week practicum.
You'll also practice skills in the Animal Health Clinic. You'll come to campus 5 times to do labs. The shortest stay is 5 days and the longest is 11 days.
One major difference is that all lectures and non-lab course work will be online.
Each year of the program has 4 modules. Check the blended learning AHT program schedule for details.
As well, the blended program has a second practicum. It is earlier in the program replacing student-led clinic experiences.
This is a full-load program. That means it qualifies for student loans. We also recommend you don't combine it with a full-time job.
For more information, contact Danielle, the agricultural enrolment specialist:
Note: This program isn't available to international students.