Student-Led Clinic

Student-led activities expanded when Lakeland opened the Animal Health Clinic in September 2018.two female students work on a SynDaver dog's mouth
While activities such as clinics aren't new, expanded space has given students other opportunities such as retail. Specific student-led courses also provide more scope for those activities.
The 2018-19 academic year was the first for the student-led courses. Among the accomplishments:
  • an animal health job fair
  • K9 Kindergarten during National Train Your Dog Month
  • puppy de-stress rooms before exams
  • operating a retail store 3 afternoons a week for students and staff

2018-19: The pioneers

For the Class of 2019, a complete student-led course was entirely new. For the group, it meant setting up sub-units to manage various aspects of the clinic. They started with 3 teams: clinic organization, public relations, and retail and marketing.