Student-Managed Farm 30th Anniversary

An ag tour club trip in the late 1980s introduced Lakelanders to the student-managed concept. By 1990, a group of instructors along with the crop technology advisory panel, put a Lakeland spin on the concept.
Today our Student-Managed Farm powered by New Holland has extended beyond the crop program and includes the animal science program majors. Student-managed and student-led projects are a common element in many programs outside of agricultural sciences.
The 30th anniversary is a chance to celebrate the roots of a highly successful and rewarding real life learning opportunity.
One instructor describes student -managed as students owning decisions. They aren't just a driver or a wrench turner. Decisions come from critical thinking, applying data and field experience. Another notes that student-managed is a safe place to experiment and fail.
Watch for more information about SMF 30th anniversary activities throughout the 2019-20 academic year. We'll celebrate during most of our activities.
The following video traces the history of Lakeland's SMF. As well, it lays out the student-managed concept and how it's grown and become part of the Lakeland culture.