Student-Managed Farm 30th Anniversary

An ag tour club trip in the late 1980s introduced Lakelanders to the student-managed concept. By 1990, a group of instructors along with the crop technology advisory panel, put a Lakeland spin on the concept.
Today our Student-Managed Farm powered by New Holland (SMF) has extended beyond the crop program and includes the animal science program majors. Student-managed and student-led projects are a common element in many programs outside of agricultural sciences.
The 30th anniversary is a chance to celebrate the roots of a highly successful and rewarding real life learning opportunity. Discover the SMF's progression:
  • follow the timeline (above)
  • watch the video (below)  tracing the history of Lakeland's SMF. As well, it lays out the student-managed concept and how it's grown and become part of the Lakeland culture.
  • check out some of major the SMF accomplishments in an infographic (below the video)
  • see a visual comparison between the SFM then and now (below the video)
  • read the SMF overview to learn more about its structure and units
The 30th anniversary of our SMF is a chance to celebrate the roots of a highly successful and rewarding work integrated learning model. Our graduates are set apart by the real-life work experience and valuable leadership skills they gain through this concept. We’re proud of our SMF and our exceptional team who ensures its continued success.
We look forward to celebrating new student-managed innovations on the SMF that support one of Canada’s most essential industries.
Dr. Alice Wainwright-Stewart, president and CEO of Lakeland
One instructor describes student-managed as students owning decisions. They aren't just a driver or a wrench turner. Decisions come from critical thinking, applying data and field experience.
Another notes that student-managed is a safe place to experiment and fail.
info graphic with SMF accomplishments