Join a long and successful career path in appraisal and assessment. For more than three decades Lakeland grads have been in demand by the industry.
And we're only one of 4 Canadian post-secondaries that offer appraisal and assessment.
This business administration diploma major starts with business basics. Your training includes: 
  • assessment principles
  • construction estimating
  • farmland evaluation
  • property analysis
  • property law 
Learn the new industry standard of computerized mass appraisal valuation of properties.
Through the two years, your courses get you ready to work a variety of settings. Your job could be with:
  • a rural municipality or a city
  • private industry such as a real estate company
  • tax appeal agencies
  • a bank or other mortgage lender
  • public or private appraisal companies
Our program comes with extra certification, a Certificate in Real Property Assessment from the University of British Columbia.