Adult Basic Education & Skills Training Application

This application form is for all foundational learning and other adult basic education and skills training programs.
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Full Name

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More About You

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Address & Contact Information

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Education History

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What is the name of the last high school you attended:*
In what province was the school located:*
Where is this school located (town/city/municipality):*
If available, we will require a transcript of your high school marks. You may request them through your province's education department.
If you have attended any post-secondary college/university, please fill in its name:
Where is this post-secondary school located -- town/city and province:
What years did you attend this post-secondary (from when to when):
If you did attend post-secondary, what did you take and when?:
If you earned a credential, please indicate:

Have you taken any other skills training? Please list what it was, where you took it and when:

Job History

Please list the job(s) youve had in the past 2 or 3 years:*
Choose one of the jobs--the longest one or most recent--and answer the following questions.
What did you do at this job?*
How did you get the job? For example: answered an ad, a friend/relative referred you, dropped resume off at a business*
What is an example of something you really liked about the job:*
What is something you didn't liked about the job:*


Attending individual classes and programs may require activities that take place off-campus. You are responsible for ensuring that you have your own or alternative reliable transportation to and from the college as well as other designated off-campus locations.
  I confirm that I have reliable transportation to and from the Lakeland College campuses as well as other designated off-campus locations.

Your Goals

What do you see yourself doing in the next year? How does training fit into your plans?*
What do you see yourself doing/working at in 4 years?*
How do you think this program will help you?*
How do plan to succeed in this program?*
Is there something that might stop you from attending classes or completing the program?*
If you answered yes, please explain what might prevent you from completing the program. (surgery, family illness, court case, child care):*

Third Party Disclosure (optional)

Please fill this out if you want a parent/spouse to provide information or access information about you.

This authorization will remain in effect as long as you are an active student at Lakeland College. You may request changes in writing to the registrar's office.
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Please allow the above named person to give/receive information about me.Please check all that apply.
 My personal data (name, address, email)
 My admission status
 My financial status and student receivable account (what the college is owed)

Applicant Declaration

I certify that all the information supplied in this application is true and complete in all respects. I understand misrepresentation, falsification of documents or withholding requested information are serious offences and will result in the cancellation of my admission and registration at Lakeland College. If admitted, I agree to abide by the existing or amended rules and regulations set by the Lakeland College Board of Governors.
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