Online Continuing Education

The web has given a new way to learn - online.
You can learn whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. Many courses are self-paced so you set how quickly or slowly you take the training. Others are instructor-led and you can interact with both the teacher and fellow students.
Lakeland has partnerships with two organizations that specialize in online training: ed2go and MindEdge. Explore their extensive course catalogues for your personal or professional interests.

3 free MindEdge courses

MindEdge is offering 3 courses free of charge to new or existing students. Check out the MindEdge page for details.
If you don't see a course you'd like to take, let us know. Fill out our continuing education inquiry form.

American Sign Language

We offered American Sign Language this fall.  Let us know if you want more online ASL courses or are interested in our program cohort for Fall 2021.


ed2go has an extensive catalogue of online courses and programs related to personal development, leisure activities, personal care, business, finance, computer software, academic upgrading, writing and the arts.


MindEdge's courses and programs have a professional development focus covering finance, management, cybersecurity, marketing, data anlysis, human resources, operations and communication.

Ag Online

Four online courses including ICM, Winter Feeding & Grazing, Extension Planning and Nutrient Management.

Online oil & gas

Power engineering, gas process operator and production field operator are some of the online options for energy and petroleum related programs and courses.

ASL 101 & ASL 102

Interested in American Sign Language?

Saskatchewan ECE Level 1 courses

Earn your level 1 certification with these Lakeland courses

Energy Project Analysis with RETScreen

Take an online introductory course about energy project analysis over 6 half days.

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