Energy Online & Evenings

Coming to class on campus every day doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why Lakeland has a wide array of energy and petroleum technology--including power engineering--continuing education and professional development courses.
Most offerings allow you to continue to work while upgrading your skills and knowledge.
Find the right path for you--online, evening courses and part-time. 
We are experienced. We work with industry.
And, we innovate. For example, if you're already a 4th class power engineer, take heavy oil courses. Then you can bridge into our 3rd class power engineering and heavy oil (HOPE) program.
Check the boxes below for more details and follow the links for the particular courses.
See more oil and gas related continuing education courses including wellsite supervisor, production field operator and fired heater process operator.

Heavy Oil Online Courses

If you're interested in our HOPE program, but don't have the heavy oil course requisites you can take them online.

2nd class power engineering

Take ABSA modules in the evening.

Online 3rd class power engineering

Take 3rd class power engineering online.

Online 4th class power engineering

Earn while you learn with 4th class power engineering online.

Evening 4th class power engineering

If you'd prefer to be in a real classroom, register for an evening course.

4th class steam time

We offer a variety of ways to get the required steam time throughout the year.

Pre - Engineering Mathematics and Applied Mechanics

Brush up on math and physics skills before you take a power engineering course.

Gas Process Operator (GPO)

Learn about servicing wells and other duties online

Production Field Operator

Registration is always open to learn about heavy oil operations online.

Fired Process Heater Operator

Get certified for the new standards at your power plant. Offered online in conjunction with Keyera.

Wellsite Supervisor

Move your career forward with supervisor credentials.

SCADA in Oil & Gas Well Monitoring

Learn about the computer systems that control and monitor plants and equipment.

Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas

A 2-day workshop to make you familiar with the industry.