Set your career as a power engineer in motion with Lakeland’s HOPE diploma.

Combined power engineering and heavy oil operations broaden your future job options beyond the oil industry. You could work in power generation, chemical plants, food processing, and hospital and institution power plants

Gain knowledge and experience to challenge the provincial Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA) 4th and 3rd class power engineering exams.

Hands-on learning starts with the Husky Power Engineering lab and a work practicum in your first year. That’s followed by regular lab shifts in the Energy Centre. The centre is an integrated power plant with a once-through steam generator.

laptop screen says New and Online 4thclass Power EngineeringA 3-month practicum follows 200 hours of lab firing time. Our 2nd year steam practicum is what sets Lakeland apart. We find you spots, usually paid ones. Then you’re ready to write the 3rd class ABSA exam.
If you want to take just 4th class power engineering, we're offering it online in September. Click on the graphic for details.