Rural Acreage Owner Restricted Pesticide Certification Program

Welcome to the Rural Acreage Owner Restricted Pesticide Certification Program (RAORCP).
Its goal is to train acreage owners how to control noxious and prohibited noxious weeds on their land.
If you live in a participating municipality, you can be certified to apply pesticides. You'll take a course and learn:
  • more about herbicide options
  • skills to apply herbicides provided by your municipality
After you're certified, you'll work with your municipality to control noxious weeds on your property.

Eligible municipalities

To be eligible:
  1. You must have been contacted by a weed inspector about noxious or prohibited noxious weeds growing in a pasture or non-turf area of your acreage.
  2. You must live in a rural area—not a town, village, hamlet or city—in one of these municipalities:
    • Athabasca County - 780 675 2273
    • Camrose County  - 403 672 3929
    • Clearwater County  - 403 845 4444
    • County of Grande Prairie  - 780 532 9727
    • MD of Lesser Slave River  - 866 681 3929
    • Parkland County - 780 968 8467
    • Rocky View County -  403 520 1287
    • Wetaskiwin County - 780 352 3321
    • Yellowhead County  - 780 814 3935
If you municipality isn’t on this list, then you aren’t eligible for the program.
If you have questions about getting rid of noxious or prohibited noxious weeds, contact your agricultural fieldman.

Step 1
How the program works

Find out if you are eligible for the program.

Step 2
The checklist

Once you determine you are eligible, visit the checklist to get started.

History &
Program Objectives

Why the program was developed and its objectives