Environmental consultants, government agencies and industry seek our graduates. You will have the flexibility to work for yourself or for an organization.

Career choices vary. Some examples are:
  • environmental operations specialist working in an industry such as oil & gas, mining, agriculture, forestry or transportation
  • environmental regulatory specialist with government
  • environmental technology with a consulting company.
Usually you'll work as part of team doing environmental sampling and surveys, monitoring and checking compliance with water, soil, and healthy & safety regulations.

Since 2007, 100% of our graduates:
  • Are confident they have the knowledge and skills needed to start a career.
  • Were satisfied with the program and would recommend it to others.
  • Have found employment in the environmental industry or have chosen to pursue further education.

Salary potential

The average, career-related starting wage for Lakeland Environmental Science Diploma graduates is $55,786. The Alberta Wage and Salary Survey reports that environmental industry wages start at $44,800, and average $136,000.

Employers hire Lakeland Grads
  • 94% of employers would hire a Lakeland grad again
  • 100% of employers would recommend Lakeland grads to other employers
  • 97.1% of employers are satisfied with the quality of Lakeland College grads
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Employer Survey conducted by insightrix

What our Alumni say
92 % are grads are happy in their jobs. Their satisfaction goes up if the job is related to their program
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Graduate Survey of Class of 2014. Conducted by insightrix