You now have 2 options:
  • take the first year courses and earn a certificate
  • move into the 2nd year of the applied environmental major, or another of our environmental sciences majors.
You’ll start by learning a wide range of environmental concepts related to water, soil and plants. You start in the classroom, but you’ll be in outdoor labs within your first month.
Your training is fun, hands-on and useful. You'll apply and practice what you’ve learned using real-life situations. These are the same skills you’ll use throughout your career; skills that employers will notice. They include:
  • aquatic habitat assessments
  • wetlands & soil classification
  • water monitoring and sampling
  • environmental site assessment
  • plant identification
When you graduate, you’ll be ready for environmental jobs across Canada.
You’ll also have choices. They start with selecting your 2nd year electives based on your interests and goals.
Then, you can stay another year to earn a 2nd major for your diploma. Or, transition to our applied degree program.