Into the Wild

Focus on the creatures that live in our forests, lakes, prairies, rivers and wetlands as you prepare to be an accredited wildlife and fisheries technician.

You’ll learn to identify-- by sight, sound or sign-- the smallest creatures in a pond to the largest animals on land. That means you’ll learn how to:
  • use spotting scopes and trail cameras
  • identify songbirds to owls, and frogs to toads by their calls
  • identify wildlife by tracks, scat, burrows, nests and chews

You’ll spend lots of time in the field learning and practicing applied skills such as electrofishing, GPS operation and live trapping. You’ll earn outdoor certificates including wilderness first aid, bear awareness, and quad/snowmobile/watercraft operation.

In class, you’ll learn about:
  • both animal and plant biology and ecology
  • conserving species-at-risk
  • protected areas, and conserving and enhancing habitat
  • game and harvest management
  • wildlife diseases