Firefighting Programs

Firefighting students advance on propane tree during trainingBlaze your own trail as a firefighter. Start at Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre.
Begin or build your career with specific or specialized training.
All our training is comprehensive. You’ll learn through a practical mix of hands-on field work and theory.
Some programs are unique to us:
We teach the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. However, our quality training exceeds those requirements.
Whatever you chose, you’ll be a valuable member of any municipal, industrial or emergency response team.

Firefighter Fundamentals

Learn how to respond to Class A & B fire as well as protective clothing and SCBA; fire hoses, nozzles and couplings; and, fire behavior.

Firefighter Training

Take our basic firefighting in just 12-weeks. It's more than NFPA 1001. Also a blended learning option.

Emergency Services Technology (EST)

Unique to Lakeland, our EST program starts with basic firefighting. Then you choose to specialize in more firefighting or emergency medical.

NFPA 1001 Firefighter Professional Qualifications

These are basic qualifications for work in a fire service. 1001 courses are offered throughout our field season.

NFPA 1002 Vehicle Driver/Operator Professional Qualifications

Learn more than driving a fire truck. You'll learn pumper and aerial operations.

NFPA 1051 Wildland Firefighter Professional Qualifications

Widely used across Canada, this level 1 qualification is useful for municipal firefighters as well as those in remote industrial areas.

NFPA 1081 Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications

Specifically for industrial fire service teams. Corporate training can be arranged.

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