NFPA 1001 Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications

Open the door to a fire services career with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1001 training from ETC.
The NFPA 1001 Standard for Fire Fighter Professional Qualifications is:
  • the most widely required training for new hires
  • a prerequisite for entry to other NFPA professional standards training
Modules aren't accredited individually by IFSAC and ProBoard. You will write non-certified exams through ETC as you take the course modules. You are eligible to sit the accreditation exams once you have completed all the modules in a level.
There are two levels in the NFPA 1001 program. Course descriptions are in the drop down boxes.
Level 1 includes:
  • QETC 101 - Building Construction
  • QETC 102 - Basic Fire Grounds Operations
  • QETC 103 - Fireground Water Supplies
  • QETC 104 - On Scene Support Operations
  • QETC 105 - Structural Firefighting
  • QETC 106 - Portable Fire Extinguishers
Level 2 includes:
  • QETC 207 - Hazardous Materials Fires
  • QETC 208 - Fire Safety
  • QETC 209 - Pre and Post Incident Operations
  • QETC 210 - Vehicle Extrication
If you'd rather complete the training full time over 12 weeks check out our firefighter training program. This programs exceeds the NFPA 1001 requirements. You'll do more practice runs and other hands-on skill building. There's also the option of blended learning version with 12-weeks of online courses followed by 5 weeks onsite.
Please note: Courses are available via distance delivery or client hosted. Details are included with the course descriptions.