NFPA 1081 - Industrial Fire Brigade Member Professional Qualifications

firefighters battling a fire on an industrial structure
Lay the foundation for a career in an industrial fire brigade with four courses at Lakeland’s Emergency Training Centre (ETC).
Start at the incipient level and move through the advanced exterior and interior structure levels. You may also take a leader level course.
If you already have NFPA 1001 Level 2, you can challenge the first 3 levels of NFPA 1081 qualifications.
Please note: Certification is currently not available through Alberta's Municipal Affairs Office.

Corporate Training

ETC offers corporate training for businesses that need to train their brigade members. You choose the level or levels for your brigade. We can also customize your training with site specific options.
To discuss off-site or corporate training, contact our business development office:
  1. If you operate apparatus at any level of NFPA 1081, you may be required to meet the NFPA 1002 standards before you receive NFPA 1081 certification.
  2. Since Jan 1, 2015 there has been one consolidated exam for each of the 3 levels. Previously there were separate core and site exams.