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Municipal, industrial and business fire & emergency services training

Develop critical skills for your team or group through training from Lakeland College Emergency Training Centre.
Training is an essential way to prepare for fire and other emergencies. It doesn’t matter what industry or service you belong to: We believe you can never be too prepared.
For 60 years we’ve set the standard for firefighting training. Through the years, we’ve grown to include more emergency preparedness and management. We’ve expanded to related training such as fire marshall.
Any courses we offer can be corporate training.
While our core is onsite at our training facility, we can and do take our courses to municipalities, agencies and businesses around Alberta and beyond our province’s borders. We’ve worked with remote mining operations to cities. Our clients have spanned forestry, government, and oil and gas.
Not only do we offer corporate training onsite, but we can also bring the training to you in a variety of ways. We can combine online, your site and our site. We can also customize training to your particular industry, business or circumstance.
And if you can’t find what exactly what you’re looking for, call us. Together we can put together the right training package for your team.

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Customize Your

Customize Your Training

Not only can be adapt how the training is delivered, we can also customize for your particular location and industry.
Work with our corporate training team on the specifics of what you need.


Delivery Options

Onsite at ETC, online and at your site are all options.
They can also be combined. For example, theory online and practical at ETC.
The where and when can be adapted to whatever works best for your team.

Emergency Preparedness
& Incident Command

Emergency Preparedness & Incident Command

Our emergency preparedness  training includes:
  • basic emergency management
  • an introduction to emergency centre operations
  • three levels of Incident Command Systems.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are a popular training topic.
We offer:
  • an introduction to fire extinguishers including how to use them
  • fire extinguisher inspection and maintenance


Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal

Fire Marshal training covers everything from legislation to three levels of evacuation procedures based on the building type.

Livestock Handling
in Emergencies

Livestock Handling in Emergencies

Uniquely Lakeland, handling livestock in emergencies was developed by agricultural sciences and fire & emergency services.

Safety Codes

Safety Codes Officer

Fire is one of 10 safety codes disciplines.
Theory courses for fire safety codes officer are done through the Safety Council and hands-on at ETC.



Didn't find what you wanted?
Contact Us

Didn't find what you wanted? Contact Us

If you didn't see what you were looking for, let us know.
We can work with you to design training and a put together a schedule that works for your business or organization.
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