Two-step process for online programs: Apply, then register

At Lakeland we have different terms for how you become a student.
To us, applying is about getting into a program. It means you use the provincial application system, applyalberta. 
On the other hand, registering is about taking an specific class or individual course. This means you self-register and pay using My Lakeland.
To take one of our human services courses online, you start by applying to the program. Then, you register for courses.
Apply to the programApply Now black button
  1. To take one of our online human services programs, you must first apply to the program using applyalberta. Use the Apply Now button that is on every program page. You can apply any time; however, applications must be received by specific dates in order to register in courses in the next term.
  2. Application deadlines:
    • fall term - application deadline is August 6 2021
    • winter term - application deadline is December 3, 2021
    • spring term - application deadline is March 4, 2022
  3. Your application will be evaluated by our admissions staff to ensure you have met the admission requirements.
  4. You'll be sent a letter of acceptance.
  5. You only need to apply once. There's no need to reapply after you finish your first classes, You simply register for courses each term until you complete all the necessary courses.
Register for courses
  1. You self-register and pay for your courses on My Lakeland. You'll receive information about how to do this once you've been accepted into the program.. 
  2. Check out the course schedule on the important dates page. There are 3 terms - fall, winter and spring. Not all courses are available every term.
  3. Note when registration opens and closes for the particular term.
  4. You should register at least 2 weeks before the course starts. This gives you enough time to purchase  textbooks and any other course materials.
  5. Register as soon as you can. Some courses fill quickly, so you won't have a spot. Late registrations may also  bump you into the next session.
 Registration open and close dates
  • Fall 2021 - opens Aug 3, deadline Aug 31, 2021
  • Winter 2022 - opens Nov 29, 2021 deadline Jan 5, 2022
  • Spring 2022 - opens Feb 28, deadline April 1, 2022