Prepare for a career in signed language interpreting with this full-time, 2-year diploma program.
You’ll learn three ways:
  • in the classroom
  • through fieldwork
  • by immersion. Your classes are at the Alberta School for the Deaf in Edmonton.
Your course work goes beyond American Sign Language fluency. You’ll
  • train your brain to work simultaneously with and between two different languages
  • apply the most recent interpreting theory to your work
  • explore the professional and ethical side of interpreting
  • learn how to establish your own interpreting practice
  • get more involved in the Deaf and interpreting communities
Your courses are sequential. You show you've mastered required knowledge and skills before you move on to the next level.
In your last semester, you’ll use what you’ve learned in a 12-week practicum.
When you graduate, you are ready to start your career with entry level skills.