You must first finish your apprenticeship and become a journeyman in order to take advantage of the job opportunities. 
This is a growing career path. As industry becomes more and more automated, instrument technicians are needed virtually anywhere control and metering systems are found.
Instrument & control technicians are employed in the following industries:
  • pulp and paper processing
  • hydro power generation
  • mining, petrochemical and natural gas
  • industrial and commercial manufacturing
  • industrial construction
  • industrial instrument servicing

Salaries in the real world

Salary range of instrument technicians $85,575/yr
Average wage $29.47/hour
Source: 2015 Alberta Wage & Salary Survey, Government of Alberta

Employers hire Lakeland grads
  • 100 % of employers would hire a Lakeland grad again
  • 100% of employers would recommend Lakeland grads to other employers
  • 100% of employers are satisfied with the quality of Lakeland College grads
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Employer Survey conducted by insightrix

What our Alumni say
92 % are grads are happy in their jobs. Their satisfaction goes up if the job is related to their program
Source: 2016 Lakeland College Graduate Survey of Class of 2014. Conducted by insightrix