Welcome to Lakeland International

Open yourself to the opportunity of learning in another country.4 students in convocation robes point to India on map of world
At Lakeland College, we welcome students from all over the globe. In the past few years we've had students from more than 20 countries.
We also help current students find study abroad opportunities and internships. As part of our mandate, Lakeland is also involved in projects and partnerships with other post-secondaries in Canada and around the globe.
Club trips and program practicums beyond Canada's are annual, they aren't a part of our official role.

Who is an international student?

If you don't have a Canadian passport  or a residency card, then you are an international student.

How we help

Our international team will help you from an initial question about coming to Lakeland through to your time as a student.
We can advise you about programs, help arrange transportation to the college and answer questions about campus WiFi.
You can always contact us via international@lakelandcollege.ca

Why choose Lakeland

The top 3 reasons international students come to Lakeland as listed by them. Learn more.

Prospective students

There's a lot of steps, and paperwork, with choosing to study in another country. In this section learning about available programs, admissions requirements, costs, visas, travelling to Canada and more.

When you're here

From where to live and eat, what to wear and student services - it's all in this section about being in Canada and at Lakeland College.

Projects & partnerships

International also means projects abroad and domestic students going to other countries for practicums or work.

Program options

Check out your program options as well as what programs might be full or open.

English language requirements

All of our classes are taught in English, so your English read, writing and speaking skills must be strong. See all the details.

Permits & visas

You'll need a student visa. If you work during the school year, you don't need a permit. You do need a permit for a summer job or if you go on a practicum.

How to apply

Follow these application steps.

Your estimated costs

Tuition is a major cost but you also need to consider travelling to Lakeland, housing and other costs through the school year

Getting to Canada, and then to Lakeland

Most international students will fly to Canada. Getting to one of our campuses is easiest if you arrive in Calgary and then connect to Lloydminster.

COVID-19 updates

Stay in touch with our student support coordinators for updates, and check the Immigration Canada website for more information.

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