Nearly 100 years ago, a group of Englishmen came to the Vermilion School of Agriculture. The British Boys were Lakeland's first international students. They learned how to farm.
We've had some international students through the years. They've been from as far away as Japan and Peru. There have been many more of you in the 21st century. Information and travel are much easier than they were even 20 years ago.
Our history includes projects with international partners. Those partners usually include a college or university in another country. Most often, other Alberta or Canadian colleges are part of the project.

Lakeland's first projects were in the 1980s and involved the Middle East. More recently, we've shared what we know about course development with schools in African and Central American countries.

Our international department isn't just about international students coming here. It's also about current Lakeland students travelling abroad. This could be a semester abroad, an internship, international work experience, a practicum or a tour.

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