English language skills: Read, write and speak

English language skills are a must as all Lakeland College classes are taught in English.
This means you need to be able to speak, write, read and understand English to be admitted to one of our programs.
If English is your second language, you must show English language proficiency in one of the following ways:
  • Successfully completing a year of full time education in English. You can take this year in Canada or in another country. However, English must be the official language of instruction. Please see the list of countries in the drop down below.
  • Successfully completing specific O level, GCSE, IGCSE or 6 credit transferable university level English language or literature course at an English language institution.
  • An acceptable score within the past two years on an English language evaluation test - test and score are listed below.
See the drop downs below for more details on each of these qualifications.

Complete 1 year of full time education in English

Countries recognized as English their official language of instruction

Completing a specific English language or literature course