When you're at Lakeland College

Part of your learning experience will be outside of the classroom as you live, eat, play and discover life at Lakeland College, and in Canada.
In this section of the website you can learn more about:
  • where to live – in stay the college residence or off campus
  • where to eat – on campus and buying your own groceries
  • what to wear – especially in the winter
  • health care – you must purchase health care insurance
  • transportation – how to get around campus and the community
  • get involved – clubs and community
  • on campus help - don't worry, there's a lot of support to help you.

Where to live

Two choices: on or off campus. We recommend on.

Where to eat

Campus cafeterias, dorm kitchen, your own rental housing or at a restaurant

What to wear

Dressing for our winter requires layers - learn more.

Health Care

Both Lloydminster and Vermilion have hospitals and a variety of other health care services.

On campus help

Students services and the Learning Commons are two places to start.


If you live off campus, we predict walking in your future.



Get involved

On campus and off there are many opportunities to have fun and new experiences.