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If you can't visit our campuses in person, a virtual tour is the next best thing.
So, tour our campuses and facilities from your computer or smart device.
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How to use the tours

In order to get full value of our virtual tours, use this guide.

Your cursor can be user at any time to move up, down, right and left in a 360 degree tour.

Plus, there are all of these options.
  1. This is one way to access the list of tours and photos. Use the right arrow to see a list of what’s available. You can also use the arrows at the bottom to go through the pans and photos.
  2. These arrows inside the tour show where there are more tours. If you click the arrow, you’ll go to that particular tour.
  3. All of the blue icons are either a map or a floor plan.
  4. Click this to show a strip with all of the photos and pans.
  5. This buttons stops and refreshes the tour being played.
  6. Click this to get a full screen view.
  7. This arrow removes the black control bar.
  8. Use these arrows on either side of the control bar to move through the tours and photos. This is an alternative to the drop down in the top right corner.

Lloydminster campus

From the main entrance up to the esthetician lab, take a tour of some of the main campus features.

Vermilion campus

Lloydminster residence

Vermilion residence

Lloydminster Energy Centre

Lloydminster - gym and recreation facilities

Lloydminster Alumni House

Vermilion agricultural sciences

Vermilion - Trades Centre

Vermilion - Emergency Training Centre (ETC)

Vermilion - Research Centre

Vermilion - Alumni House

Vermilion recreation facilities

Check out the pool and hot tub, cardio room, weight room and changeable raquetball/squash courts.

Street Rod
Technologies Lab

A generous donation meant a new larger room for our street rod technologies program and continuing education vehicle restoration workshops.