Environmental Sciences Supply Lists 2020-21

ILeft side - two young women wearing toques and winter jackets; on right young man wearing rubber bootsf you're an environmental sciences student you could find yourself outside in all sorts of weather during a field lab.
And being prepared starts on Wednesday Sept 4. Outdoor and indoor field labs start then, and go ahead no matter the weather.
Required personal gear reflects your needs, and are standard across our diploma and applied degree.
Industrial field trips will require personal protective equipment, while indoor labs require lab coats and safety glasses.
Note: If you come without equipment or improperly dressed you risk getting a 0 on the lab/activity.

Department safety supplies

Environmental Sciences has a limited number/sizes of hard hats, field safety glasses and approved coveralls. Consider purchasing as you'll need this safety equipment on the job.


Lakeland doesn't provide boots. You'll need to buy at least one of the following safety rated:
  • steel-toed rubber boots with winter linings for wet, cold and muddy sites
  • steel-toed hiking boots for other weather conditions
Click on your program/year for details.
If you're an international student  from a warm climate, you'll need unfamiliar gear to dress for the Canadian Prairies. To help you out, we've created a page with longer descriptions and photos.

Applied Degree

PPE is important when you're visiting industrial sites.

Diploma Majors - 1st year

Invest in your supplies for first year and keep using them in second year and at work.

Diploma Majors - 2nd year

International Students

Adapting to Canadian weather and how much to bring with you from home are challenges for international students.