Leading. Learning. The Lakeland Campaign

blue donate now button hyperlinkSome might call our vision bold.
We’ve embarked on the largest fundraising initiative in our history. Our goal is to raise $11 million from the community, alumni, friends and industry by 2021.
girl standing in front of Centre for Ag TechnologyWe’re building on our solid foundation for the next generations. Our goals are:
  • to expand student success
  • to empower the next leaders in agriculture and modernize our Student Managed Farm – Powered by New Holland
  • to grow results-oriented research
Leading. Learning. The Lakeland Campaign isn’t just about raising money. We want to build lasting partnerships and to invest in a brighter future for the exceptional students who come to Lakeland College.
Why now? Demand for our grads has never been higher. Wait lists grow for popular programs. And there are more and more new opportunities to support Lakeland students.
The need is great.
We need to act now.
Learn more. And, join us.

Student success supports

Empowering the next leaders in agriculture

Results-oriented research


We have 3.