Residence Life

Learn how to think in the classroom. Learn how to live in the dorms.

Residence is convenient, full of opportunity and safe. And, it's more than a bed and desk.

Living on campus is an exciting opportunity to learn, grow and get the most of our college.

Lakeland grads sometimes tell us that they learned as much living in residence as they did in the classroom -- and had more fun doing it. Living on campus gave them:
  • lifelong friendships
  • a rewarding sense of community
  • some invaluable survival skills.
You need to know:
  • You have support from trained residence assistants (RAs)
  • You have choices for the type of dorm you'll want to live in. Currently we offer alcohol-free in Vermilion, and depending on our student demographic, mature student dorms. In Lloydminster, there are sometimes athlete dorms. Choices are different on each campus. Ask for more information.
  • All of our dorms and family housing units are non-smoking.

Lloydminster Residence

Lloydminster's residence village is on the south edge of campus. Not only are the academic buildings close, so is Bud Miller All Seasons Park.

Vermilion Residence

Vermilion's residence village is on the west side of campus easily accessible by Harcus Road and a short walk from all the facilities.



Watch our 8-part video series about the advantages and benefits of living in residence.

Residence Handbook

This handbook has everything you need to know about living on residence at Lakeland College.