Job Posting Categories

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  • You may be qualified for jobs in any job category depending on your current skills.
  • Miscellaneous includes various casual, part-time and summer jobs.
  • When applying for jobs pay close attention to all application instructions including: deadlines, competition numbers and contact information.
Note: Lakeland College is not responsible for verifying all information provided by employers. The onus is on you to check out each opportunity thoroughly before agreeing to the work or signing contracts of employment. 

Want to check out an employer's reputation? Go to our online employment resources page, check the drop down for research companies and use the links.

Agriculture &

Agriculture & AHT

Check out the currently available agriculture related jobs:
We also have jobs for Animal Health Technologists and Veterinary Medical Assistants:

Beauty, Spa
& Salon

Beauty, Spa & Salon

Check out jobs for estheticians and hair stylists on our Beauty, Spa and Salon Job Postings.


Energy &

Energy & Petroleum

Energy & Petroleum Job Postings include power engineering positions.



Check out the jobs that are currently available:
We also include pages just for Agricultural and  Pesticide Applicator Job Postings.​

Fire &
Emergency Services

Fire & Emergency Services


Health Care

Health Care Job Postings may include both Health Care Aide and Practical Nurse positions.


Human Services

Human services jobs are in the fields of child care, youth care, educational assistant and sign language interpreter.
Check the jobs that are currently available:


Interior Design

Miscellaneous &

Miscellaneous & Volunteer

Sometimes we receive postings that don't really fit one of our program categories but would  be of interest to our students and alumni. These are posted in the:
Occasionally we get volunteer opportunities.
You might not get paid, but the experience would give you lots of skill sets necessary for your careers and will be very useful on your resume.


Pesticide Applicators

Often there are many, many summer jobs for pesticide applicators. To make it easier for you to find, there's a separate



Trades include job postings for apprentice positions as well as journeyman jobs.