Student Support & Resources

Reach out for help, even if it's as simple as finding a library book.
Whatever you need might be, large or small, we have supports and resources to help you be a successful student. Often they will be lessons you'll carry with your beyond your college days.
The types of support we offer can be broken down into these major categories:
  1. Accessibility
  2. Student Success
  3. Library
  4. Wellness
Just know, that the Commons will either have someone or something to help you, or will connect you with a college or community resource.

Success Strategies

We're about helping you help yourself. Meet with our success strategist to set goals.

Peer Tutor Program

Get a tutor or a be tutor. It's free if you need one, and paid if you can be one.


Our resources are for everyone. If you have a documented disability, meet with us before you come to school.


Connect with our counsellors, wellness advisor, or any wellness resources.

Academic Prep

Part of admissions testing and special admissions, academic prep can fill the gap between your high school courses and requirements for a particular program.

Campus Well

New content in this e-zine every week. You can sign up for weekly alerts. Cover a wide range of issues and tips: addictions, anxiety, cooking, diet, exercise, mindfulness and stress,.

College Prep

Get a head start on your college life with this online course: College Prep 101. There are special versions for trades and firefighters.

Community Resources

Both the Town of Vermilion and City of Lloydminster have organizations, associations, agencies and institutions you may want or need to access. Check them out.

Computer & Wi-Fi access

You have access to computers and printers in our labs, classrooms, the Commons and other places on campus. There's also a Wi-Fi network. Check out our Get Connected section for the details including all the benefits of having a Lakeland edu email address.

edu email

Your student edu email address is more than how you sign on the computer and Wi-Fi networks, it's a key to many other software resources including Office 365, OneDrive and Grammarly.

Indigenous Support

Activities, resources and awareness are all part of our Indigenous support program.

Online Resources

Check your grammar, learn a new skill or read about a health issue. A variety of online resources can provide tips and services.

Services for Students

From the bookstore to job boards, and our app to recreation - learn more about Lakeland's services for students. Or, drop by the student services office on either campus to be directed to whatever services you need.

Wellness & Counselling

Our wellness advisor and counsellors provide a variety of services and support on both campuses.

Wellness Advisor

Writing Help