Enviro Club's campaign focuses on bats and bees

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December 4, 2015
Local bats now have new homes thanks to the Enviro Club
Members of the Enviro Club were busy building bat houses on the evening of Dec. 3. Twelve in total were built at the Vermilion campus, five of which will be donated to Dillberry Lake Provincial Park.

The Enviro Club launched a new campaign this year in support of bats and bees. Their goal is to combat misconceptions about bats this semester – which ranges from blood-sucking to rabies-infected creatures – and raise awareness about their plight.

The Enviro Club fundraised for the small mammal and shared bat facts on Oct. 30 at the Vermilion campus. Funds raised will either go towards sponsoring a bat or supporting research. The club also plans on visiting a local elementary school to share a presentation about bats. Next semester, the Enviro Club will shift its focus to bees, whose population is also declining. The club plans on sharing a presentation about bats and bees for the college and the community in the new year.

Quotable Quotes:
“Bats actually save millions of dollars in agriculture every year because they are a huge source of natural pest control.”

"An estimated 99 per cent of little brown bats have been lost in New Brunswick due to white nose syndrome, and it is expected to spread across Canada in approximately 12 years."

“Our biggest issue is awareness, but as soon as we start talking about this people become really interested and they ask questions. A lot of people want to help but don’t know how, so we want to reach out to everyone on campus and in the community to come together and learn something important.”

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Photos: Members of the Enviro Club constructed 12 bat houses as part of their project to support these small mammals. The club will donate several to Dillberry Lakeland Provincial Park and the remaining houses will be installed on the student-managed farm.

December 4, 2015