Music instructors take the stage in celebration of milestones

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December 10, 2015
Instructors in Lakeland College’s performing arts department took to the Vic Juba Community Theatre stage on Saturday, Nov. 28 to celebrate two milestones
The first is the celebration of 25 years of performing arts at the Lloydminster campus. President Alice Wainwright-Stewart welcomed guests to the instructor recital. “Tonight we’re shining the spotlight on our incredibly talented instructors and commemorating 25 years of performing arts programming at this campus,” she said.

The instructors performed a wide range of favourite classical and festive pieces that served to mark the start of this festive season. During the evening the first Friends of Bob Mottram Performing Arts Award was presented. Spearheaded by Darrel Howell and Ross Ulmer, former band mates of Mottram’s in the band TMB, the award is given to support future performing arts students while celebrating the life and legacy of Bob Mottram.

“Bob wore many hats. He was a community leader, an athlete, a heavy oil expert, a musician and a family man. As a big supporter of the arts and of Lakeland College, I can’t think of a more perfect tribute for him than the creation of this award. As his friend, it’s an honour to be able to present the first Friends of Bob Mottram Performing Arts Award,” said Howell, chair of Lakeland College Board of Governors.

This year’s recipient is Denae Bottorff, a Grade 7 trumpet student at College Park School. She will embark on one year of private trumpet lessons with Lakeland brass instructor Andrian Antinero.

The accomplished team of music instructors at Lakeland serves about 200 performing arts students each year. The instructors not only have a strong background in music education, but many of them have performed across North America and around the world.

The evening was planned as the first of many instructor recitals to come at Lakeland. Watch for more details in the spring for the next recital that will showcase the musical talent here in the local community.

Photo: From left, President Alice Wainwright-Stewart  and Gwen Mottram presented  Denae Bottorff (centre) with the first Friends of Bob Mottram Performing Arts Award, along side Board of Governors Chair Darrel Howell and instructor Andrian Antinero on Nov. 28.

December 10, 2015