Husky Energy fuels new HOPE equipment and training

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October 13, 2016
Heavy oil power engineering (HOPE) students at Lakeland College will soon gain enhanced training in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) and thermal operations thanks to Husky Energy
Husky recently provided funding towards equipment for a tool room and water separation equipment to simulate thermal operations in the Energy Centre, which is located at the Lloydminster campus. A portion of Husky’s investment is allocated for curriculum development to increase training on produced water exchangers.

The new tool room will feature work stations complete with industry-ready tool kits to provide HOPE students with more hands-on learning opportunities in the Energy Centre. The work stations will increase the students’ ability to operate and maintain equipment in the heavy oil industry. HOPE’s second-year curriculum includes a course for SAGD, and with Husky’s donation Lakeland will augment the current offering by fall 2017 providing further knowledge and training in water treatment and produced water exchangers. 
“Husky’s generous support will not only advance our HOPE program and provide additional opportunities for students to take the lead using industry-standard equipment and tools, it will better prepare our graduates to take charge and succeed in industry,” says Alice Wainwright-Stewart, president and CEO of Lakeland College. “We thank Husky for their continued support and partnership. Their investment in advanced training and cutting-edge technology ensures our graduates are leading in industry throughout the region and beyond.”

There are currently 293 full- and part-time students taking power engineering courses at Lakeland. The number of second-year HOPE students currently totals 74.

Husky has a long-standing history of support for Lakeland. Since the early 1990s, the company has invested in Lakeland and its students through capital campaigns, awards and bursaries, and gifts-in-kind. Husky and its employees have also served on program advisory committees, hosting practicum placements, supporting college fundraising events, and hiring graduates from our heavy oil programs and other Lakeland programs, including business, trades and university transfer.

Lakeland is the only post-secondary institution in Western Canada to create an integrated power plant – the Energy Centre – featuring an OTSG (Once-Through Steam Generator) for heavy oil training. In addition to HOPE, Lakeland offers the heavy oil operations technician program and online blended courses for 4th, 3rd and 2nd class power engineering training as well as other energy related programs and courses, including gas process operator, production field operator, and fired process heater operator.
October 13, 2016