Lakeland College reveals new visual identity

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August 25, 2016
Student leadership is at the heart of Lakeland College’s newly enhanced brand strategy
On Thursday, Aug. 25, Lakeland unveiled a new visual identity, marking the second phase of a branding process that started in 2014 with the development of a brand strategy. Elements of the visual identity include a logo, tagline, typography, and official colours that reflect the Lakeland experience.

“As we start our new academic year, we’re excited to unveil this new look to our students, staff, alumni, and friends of the college,” says Alice Wainwright-Stewart, president of Lakeland College. “The strong L icon of the logo represents the leadership of our students and references local architecture, the strength of the Prairies, the region’s landscape, and academic achievement.”

Designed by Berlin Communications of Edmonton, Alta., the visual identity was developed through extensive consultation, focus groups and surveys. More than 100 current and prospective students as well as staff members provided input throughout this process. Together, they offered guidance to ensure Lakeland’s new visual identity complements the five core attributes of the college’s brand strategy:
  • Student-managed learning experiences;
  • A place to be heard;
  • Connected and relevant;
  • Future focused; and
  • Academic credibility

Among the many students involved in the process of developing the visual identity was Tony Gray, a recent graduate of Lakeland’s marketing major. The former president of the Lloydminster campus Students’ Association and a member of Lakeland’s winning Alberta Deans of Business Case Competition team helped to unveil Lakeland’s new visual identity.
 “I’ve been fortunate to be involved with this brand redesign from the beginning as a student, and as a summer employee of Lakeland College. There have been a lot of conversations regarding this with lots of feedback, and as a community – students, prospective students, staff, and everyone else involved – we decided this is Lakeland. In doing so, together we’ve built on over 100 years of excellence,” says Gray, who introduced Lakeland’s new tagline: Leading. Learning. Since 1913.

The gold element in the middle of the logo is a reference to the sash worn by grads at convocation. It’s also similar to a kernel of grain, an acknowledgement of our Prairie roots. It’s placed in the middle of the L as it connects the college’s two campuses together. The green and gold colours − which have served Lakeland almost since its beginning − remain. However, the shades are richer than previous versions.

The logos for Lakeland’s Emergency Training Centre and the Rustlers were also refreshed to reflect the design of the new Lakeland logo. 

The third phase of Lakeland’s branding process is the launch of a responsive website. The new site is expected to go live in the coming months.

Photos: From the top, Lakeland College unveiled its new visual identity including the new primary logo, the refreshed Emergency Training Centre and the Rustlers logos, and the secondary logo featuring the new tagline.

August 25, 2016