New reclamation courses meet industry demand

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September 14, 2016
Industry demand is driving the delivery of Lakeland College’s new environmental reclamation courses.
Covering two reclamation criteria for wellsites and associated facilities – peatland and forested land – the courses include standard guidelines and best practices for reclaiming these disturbed areas.

“After mining or some other activity, the land must be reclaimed to an equivalent land capability. Right now in Alberta there is a huge demand for this,” says Ben Sey, dean of the School of Energy and Environmental Sciences.

The opportunity to offer the peatland and forested land criteria courses came about thanks to Ridgeline Canada Inc. Together, Ridgeline and Lakeland signed a memorandum of agreement on July 21 for the delivery of the courses, which align with the Government of Alberta’s reclamation objectives for wellsites and associated facilities, and the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

“We’re very happy to have this opportunity to work with Ridgeline and to provide additional programming that meets the needs of industry,” says Sey. “At Lakeland, we are always seeking to establish more partnerships with industry. That’s one of our core values, to service industry with not just competent professionals but also with training opportunities for professional development.”

Offered by Lakeland’s continuing education department, the first intake of the peatland criteria course was successfully completed in July. “It went very well, the feedback from the company and our instructor was excellent,” says Sey.

The peatland and forested land criteria courses are relevant to a wide cross section of professionals, including agrologists, landowners, consultants, specialists, business owners and farmers. The course material includes three components: theory, hands-on field work, and an assessment. Upon completion, participants receive a Lakeland certificate.

“These are great courses not just for professionals but for just about anyone who needs to learn about reclamation in general. If you want to know how much reclamation will cost, measures that will have to take place and what it entails before you even disturb the land, these courses will provide that information,” says Sey. “We offer in-class and hands-on training that enables students and industry professionals to develop the skills they need to succeed.”

For future offerings of the peatland and forested land criteria courses, contact Lakeland’s environmental sciences department.

As per Alberta’s Reclamation Criteria for Wellsites and Associated Facilities for Peatlands document, reclamation criteria applies to wellsites, pipelines, access roads, and associated facilities such as pots, campsites, log decks and offsite sumps. The criteria identifies the following land types: peatlands, forested lands, cultivated lands and native grasslands. The aim of reclamation under the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act is to obtain equivalent land capability.

September 14, 2016