Eagle Builders gift $100,000 to Lakeland’s awards program

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September 25, 2017
Inspired by how Lakeland shapes its students to become the leaders of today, Eagle Builders LP gifted $100,000 to the awards program during the official opening of the Dairy Learning Centre on Aug 22
Eagle Builders’ generous donation of $100,000 (video) helps us put our students in the lead and excel as leaders in the dairy industry. Lakeland appreciates Eagle Builders’ commitment to our students’ success,” says Alice Wainwright-Stewart, president and CEO of Lakeland College.

The money will be placed in an endowment fund from which an annual $4,000 scholarship will be drawn. The scholarship will be awarded to the general manager of the dairy unit of the Student-Managed Farm−Powered by New Holland.

“As I became more familiar with Lakeland I found out how their agricultural programs are a major contributor to the success of the agriculture industry in Alberta. They shape leaders of today utilizing the student-managed farm concept,” says Craig Haan, director of sales at Eagle Builders.Eagle Builders donation

Eagle Builders was the lead contractor for the construction of the 46,600 sq. ft. agricultural learning centre. They poured 2.5 million pounds of precast into 264 precast panels in their shop in Blackfalds, Alta. On March 15 they broke ground, within six days they installed the precast panels and within 18 days the shell of the building was complete. The company finished construction on Aug. 15.

Haan, who’s one of three owners of Eagle Builders, says the company was proud to have been selected to build the state-of-the-art facility.

“When the partners and I discussed how we could give back to the industry that has supported us so well, we thought a scholarship would be a good way to go. Our goal is to support our future progressive dairy farmers. We feel this gift will help continue to drive young men and women to succeed in the dairy sector across Canada for generations to come,” says Haan.

The Dairy Learning Centre features state-of-the-art technology in robotic and conventional milking and feeding systems. With these systems, Lakeland animal science technology students will have the opportunity to delve into what it takes to lead in the dairy industry. They’ll work with a herd of 280-head including 120 Holstein milk cows, replacement heifers and young stock.

Lakeland students will also lead in other career-relevant, advanced learning opportunities related to calf management, feed and nutrition, cow comfort, dairy-specific software, manure management and more.