Dual Credit

Jumpstart your college education while you’re in high school with dual credit courses.
It's an opportunity to explore a career path and earn both high school and college credits.
Lakeland College offers 7 dual credit courses:
  • Play
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health, Safety & Nutrition
  • Introduction to Esthetics
  • Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas
  • Introduction to Soil Science
  • Health Care Aide Section 1
Dual credit courses are free. You take live, online classes or view class recordings on D2L, Lakeland’s learning management system.
For more information, check the links below or contact the dual credit coordinator:

Trades too

There are also opportunities to take dual credits in an apprenticeship trade. You'll get high school credits and be able to challenge the first training period exam.
For more information, contact Eileen Arthur:



Play is a course in both early learning & child care and child & youth care programs. You'll explore the significance of play in a child's development.
CTS credits: CCS3110, 3120, 3130, 3140, 3150, COM1255

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

This course is a requirement in 4 of Lakeland’s environmental sciences majors. You’ll focus on human interactions with the environment.
CTS credits: ENS1040, 1110, 2050, 2130, COM1255

Health Safety
& Nutrition

Health Safety & Nutrition

Part of the early learning & child care program, you’ll explore nutrition and wellness.

CTS credits: HSS1010, HSS1020, HSS1910, COM1255

Introduction to

Introduction to Esthetics

You’ll learn about having a professional image and practice skills needed to work with the public. The course also covers safe practices in the workplace including bacteriology and sanitation.

CTS credits: COS1010, 2210, 3010, COM1255.

Introduction to
Heavy Oil & Gas

Introduction to Heavy Oil & Gas

Learn what heavy oil is and ways it’s produced. You’ll the steps involved in getting heavy oil and natural gas out of the ground and in to the marketplace.

CTS credits: PRS1020, PRS2020 & PRS2030

Introduction to
Soil Science

Introduction to Soil Science

You’ll learn how soil is formed and its basic characteristics.

CTS credits: AGR1050, AGR2120, AGR3120, COM1255

Health Care Aide

Health Care Aide

Explore the career path of a health care aide. In one semester you could complete two college courses through Health Care Aide Section 1 as well as CTS credits. You can then go on to post-secondary to finish the program to achieve a Health Care Aide certificate.
Check out the dual credit health care aide page for more details.



We’ve put together the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about dual credit at Lakeland.
Application Form
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School Checklist
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Application Form

Ready to apply? Here's our interactive dual credit application form (pdf).


School Guide

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